Every divorce is unique. You deserve a divorce lawyer who will listen and provide a personalized service based on the unique circumstances of your separation. Spouses divorce for different reasons, have different disagreements, and bring different emotions to the divorce process. A good divorce lawyer is ready to approach these unique factors to help you create personal solutions for your divorce.

Family law is a nuanced practice. As Oregon divorce lawyers, we believe in approaching each case with a fresh perspective, ready to listen before we offer advice. In many cases, a divorce lawyer is able to mediate the best possible agreement without the need to go to trial or fight over assets.

If you are an Oregon resident in need of divorce services, you can trust the attorneys of DivorceLawyerOregon.com to guide you in the right direction. Our divorce services are geared to the unique needs of each client and situation.

Divorce Matters

Oregon divorce lawyers are prepared to help you tackle all the matters relating to your divorce. While each divorce is unique on a personal level, most divorces share common concerns such as separation of assets, child custody, and finances after the divorce. You can explore these options to build an optimal divorce agreement for everyone involved with the help of the right family law practice.

  • Separation of Marital Assets
  • Define and protect extramarital assets such as inheritance and personal gifts.
    • Fairly divide assets attained during the marriage, including checking, savings, retirement, and investment accounts.
    • Decide whether to sell or split jointly owned property.
    • Establish two financially independent households.
  • Settlement of Debts
    • If there are any debts in the marriage, they will be settled during the separation of assets and counted as negative assets to balance the scale.
  • Child Custody and Co-Parenting Schedules
    • Children from the marriage will require a child custody agreement, favoring equal parenting time.
    • Building a functional co-parenting schedule
  • Child Support
    • If one spouse makes less money, child support may be provided to ensure quality of life during the children’s time in the lower-earning parent’s custody.
  • Spousal Support
    • A spouse who is financially reliant may receive spousal support for  a set amount of time after the divorce.
    • Spousal support is more common after long-term marriages.

Whatever aspects of divorce are needed in your situation, an Oregon divorce lawyer can help you negotiate and complete an agreement that works for everyone.

Divorce Mediation Services

Divorce mediation is the process of working together with a mediator to build your divorce terms. A divorce mediator is a single legal professional who specializes in guiding negotiations. They take the place of two conflicting lawyers and focus on minimizing strife rather than conflicting over small details.

A divorce mediator will walk clients through how to negotiate a reasonable asset separation that leaves both parties benefitted. Their goal is for all parties to be satisfied, and to help both ex-spouses to start financially independent lives after the divorce is complete. 

Features of Divorce Mediation

  • One mediator guides the discussion
  • Negotiation, compromise, and agreements
  • Seek for both parties to be satisfied
  • Goal to create two independent and happy lives
  • Family-friendly and safe for child involvement
  • More affordable

Divorce mediation usually takes a few sessions of well-reasoned discussion and asset management, resulting in a final divorce document that is designed through compromise to build a brighter post-divorce future.

Divorce Mediation vs. Trial Divorce

What is the difference between a divorce mediation and a trial divorce? Pretty much everything.

Trial Divorce

In a trial divorce, two spouses hire lawyers to fight over every penny and scrap of furniture. It is combative, negotiations are hostile, and ultimately your divorce terms are decided by a judge after paying court fees to argue in an official building.

Divorce Mediation

In divorce mediation, one mediator attorney sits down with both spouses, and you work together to decide on the terms. Clients remain in control, able to negotiate and also have the final word on each aspect of the divorce agreement. Divorce mediation usually takes much less time and, therefore, is much more affordable in terms of legal fees, cout fees, and so on.

Child Custody Mediation

Building a child custody agreement, we recommend mediation. Today’s co-parenting model works best when exes work together on a shared custody schedule that offers stability, loving reassurance, and equal time with both parents for their children. 

  • Work together
  • Build a shared co-parenting schedule
  • A safe place for children to share their feelings
  • Negotiate and reach a fair agreement
  • Create stability and equal parenting for your children

Child custody mediation allows you to compare schedules and build that stability in the way you will share time with your children between both ex-spouses. A divorce mediator can offer template schedules, which you can then adapt to your family’s unique needs.

Children can also have a say in their own custody agreements in a safe environment when you choose Oregon divorce mediation. A mediator offers a quiet negotiation room where children, especially teens, may want to voice their preferences and make requests regarding how their life will look over the next few years.

Spousal Support Mediation

Some Oregon divorce situations may require spousal support. If one spouse makes considerably less than the other and the marriage is long, spousal support may be appropriate to help them begin to build a solo career. Child support may also be called for so that children are kept in a similar quality of life, no matter which parent they are staying with. The wealthier parent may provide support to improve the times that their ex has custody to better care for the children.

Mediation can take the sting out of spousal support discussions, bringing it back to a practical place. Your Oregon divorce lawyer and mediator will help outline the financial situation and ensure that both spouses are able to start a new life after the separation, even if the balance of income has favored one spouse during the marriage.

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